The 7th Level Athlete

Becoming a 7th-level athlete is a journey that stems from the training and lessons I acquired at IPEC’s Coaching Program. It’s not just about physical prowess; it’s about embracing a holistic approach to self-improvement and the quest for sports mastery. The path to becoming a 7th-level athlete begins with a simple yet profound desire – the desire to continually learn, grow, and evolve into the best possible version of yourself.

One of the foundational pillars of this journey is the awareness and understanding of Bruce Schneider’s seven energy levels. Your ENERGY is more than a mere concept; it’s the backdrop of your MINDSET and influences how you show up in various aspects of your life, including practices, games, around your family and friends, school, and everyday living.

Understanding these energy level’s characteristics and knowing how to shift your energy – essentially changing the channel of your mindset – can make a profound difference in your pursuit of peak performance. By shifting your energy to the highest level or the one most suitable for the moment, you edge closer to unlocking your overall potential. This transformation isn’t just about doing; it’s about being.

The byproduct of working on being a 7th Level Athlete is the ability to perform without the weight of results, judgments of good or bad performance, or the fear of failure and hesitation. The understanding of your options on how you can show up and the ability to change your channel before or during competition places you on the path to becoming a master of your sport.

What’s remarkable is that anyone, regardless of their current skill level, can aspire to be a 7th-level athlete.  Remember that each level has its advantages and disadvantages for a given situation.

Below is a description of each level, moving from level 7, the highest in anabolic Energy, to level 1, the lowest in anabolic and, in fact, filled with Catabolic energy.

LEVEL 7. Absolute Passion, unconditional love, the universe is magic

LEVEL 6. Fearless, no judgment, joy, ripple effect, and intertwined

LEVEL 5. Calm, inner peace, confidence, and purpose

LEVEL 4. Gratitude, caring, and teamwork

LEVEL 3. Coping, tolerance, low level of communication

LEVEL 2. Anger, blame, conflict, and stress

LEVEL 1. Self-doubt, full of judgment, and fear

As you become aware of these energy levels and learn how to switch between them as needed while simultaneously fostering a growth-mastery mindset, you unlock the potential for elite performances and a consistent standard of excellence.

If you’re curious about your current energy levels and how they may be influencing your performance, I encourage you to inquire about the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessment. This powerful tool is available to all my clients, offering valuable insights into your energy makeup and paving the way for personal and athletic transformation.

The IPEC Energy Leadership Index assessment is available to all my clients.