Coaching Topics

We will be covering many topics while working together.  We will make a personalized plan that focuses on your specific needs determined by our MCAP or ELI assessments and areas that interest you.  There are several listed below, but many more we can discuss.  And a reminder all of these topics transfer from the athletic arena to everyday life.

Sustained Motivation

How do I keep this pace and passion going? Why Am I feeling burnt out?

Intuitive & Logical Goal Setting

Can we find the Why and how to your goals? When can I change my goal?

Regulating Perfectionism

How can I make perfectionism work for me? Can I accept winning ugly?

Practice vs Performer Mindset

How do I Play free and loose regardless of my previous practice? How can I develop the winning ugly mindset?

Breathe and Center

what types of breathing sequences do athletes use? How can centering and breathing help my game?

Rock Solid Composure

How can I reset quickly during a game when distractions arise? How can I silence the internal and external noise during competition?

Deep and Variable Practice

Why and when do I need to change my practice routine?

Whose Approval Matters

How do I define success? How do you stop chasing validation?

Pro-Active Confidence

How can I stabilize my confidence when struggling with performance? What are my confidence killers?

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We have a variety of programs that involve a holistic performance improvement strategy. Everything from mental toughness training to physical training is included. My services include physical training, and mental training for peak performance. Click below to find out more details.

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