Energy Leadership Index

Welcome to the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), an attitudinal and energy assessment designed to provide valuable insights into your life on and off the field. Through this assessment, you’ll gain a fresh perspective and heightened self-awareness, enabling you to lead others more effectively and thrive in your roles at home and in sports.

The ELI sheds light on how two primary types of energy manifest in your life at every moment: anabolic and catabolic energy. Each category comprises different levels, and understanding their dynamics empowers you to make optimal choices while eliminating the default “auto-pilot” mode.

Everyone is a Leader, Either by Choice or Default

Catabolic energy, characterized by resistance, draining tendencies, and contraction, might offer a temporary boost in competition or stressful situations. However, it narrows your perspective, limiting your ability to see the bigger picture. Although there are short-term benefits, catabolic can be detrimental to you and those around you in the long run.

On the other hand, anabolic energy is all about constructive, fueling, and growth-oriented qualities. Leveraging this energy gives you a more comprehensive and conscious understanding of your surroundings. Extensive research has shown that highly successful leaders tend to possess elevated levels of anabolic energy. While catabolic energy can yield short-term results, sustaining long-term success becomes highly challenging.

So, what kind of leader do you aspire to be? The ELI provides invaluable insight into your current state and available options, enabling you to align your leadership style with your desired outcomes.

Get ready to unleash your leadership potential with the ELI assessment by your side.

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