Retired Athlete

The Answers to All Questions Lie Within Us

Retired Athlete

After going all-in for 18 years of my life on my athletic career, I came to the common question many athletes face; What’s next? Some athletes seem to answer quickly and blaze their next path seamlessly; for others, it takes some time to find their sea legs to live without the constraints routine of practicing, sharing a common goal, and competing.

With my unique playing and post-playing journey and now being a Certified Life Coach through IPEC, I can help you gain clarity on post-playing goals and help define what post-playing success looks and feels like to you.

Through IPEC’s unique Energy Leadership Index Assessment, we will establish where your current mindset, energy, and stressors are in your life. With this information, we will begin to change some limiting beliefs, assumptions, and influencers that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential

This investment in yourself will be worth it. Especially if you feel stuck, unsure of your next move, or need to find some closure and peace in your post-playing space.  I am here to help with a non-judgmental mind and heart.

So, let’s talk and find some new potential paths in the next chapter of your life around relationships, occupation, time, money, and health.  I am excited to hear from you!


• ELI Assessment
• Individualized Performance Topics and Lessons
• One 45-minute Discovery session
• Six 30-45 minute Zoom or Phone Sessions
• Worksheets, Materials, and Additional Reading between Sessions
• Access to Live Webinars


The answers to all questions lie within us.
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• One 45-Minute Discovery Session
• ELI Assessment and Debrief
• Personalized Topics
• Twelve 30-45 Minute Zoom or Phone Sessions
• Worksheets and Additional Reading Materials between Sessions
• Access to Live Webinars
• Email or Text Response within 48 Hours


The answers to all questions lie within us.
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