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Ultimate Athlete Mindset Training, Creating Fearless and Confident Athletes!

Current Athlete

I am excited that you clicked this far. You are a step closer to greater awareness.  I am confident that when we work together, we will develop new perspectives and gain knowledge to help you enjoy the process, move through obstacles efficiently and bridge the performance-potential gap.

I have a unique understanding of the journey of an athlete.  My path included playing three sports in High School, 12 years professionally, and coaching at the youth and college levels.  While coaching at college, I received an Engineering Degree.  I understand that every path is distinctive and unique, but there are some similar themes and obstacles that many athletes and families will encounter, like low confidence, athletic burnout, and, most of all, a lack of skill.

When you sign up to work with me, we will develop a tailored plan for you that will address specific areas and obstacles pinpointed by completing one or both of my assessments.

The two assessments that will be used are the MGCP assessment developed by standout mental performance coach Dr. Patrick Cohen and the IPEC’s Energy Leadership Index. These will provide the framework for the mental training for athletes that you’ll receive.

I approach each client with an open mind and utmost respect for where you are on your journey, and I would love to help build the perfect you!  I look forward to hearing from you soon!


• Pre-Session Assessment
• Individualized Performance Topics and Lessons
• One 45-minute Discovery session
• Six 30-45 minute Zoom or Phone Sessions
• Worksheets, Materials and Additional Reading between Sessions
• Optional ELI Assessment
• Access to Live Webinars


Ultimate performance requires complete freedom from distraction.
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• Pre-Session Assessment
• Individualized Performance Topics and Exercises
• One 45-Minute Discovery Session
• Twelve 30-45 Minute Zoom or Phone Sessions
• Worksheets Between Sessions
• ELI Assessment and Debrief
• Access to Webinars
• One Guided Pregame Imagery Audio Recording
• Email or Text Response within 48 Hours


Ultimate performance requires complete freedom from distraction.
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