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Coaching Staff

While learning about the mental side of baseball, I have been fortunate to be around some amazing coaches throughout my 30+ years in athletics. Each coaching culture brought a unique style of leadership, practice planning, gameday focus, and culture, and MGCP Certificates gave me a one-of-a-kind perspective on culture, winning standards, and coaching staff dynamics. After a thorough discussion with you and key leaders in your program, then utilizing PEC’s Energy Leadership Index Assessment, we will identify the program’s strengths and areas needing adjustments.  These areas can include Team Culture, performance mindset, vision, energy levels, standards, recruiting process, values, practice optimization, performance indicators, leadership, as well as life coaching for athletes.

This new awareness and data will allow us together to come up with small changes that will produce BIG IMPACTS.

Let’s talk and create a vision and clear path to make this season the most fulfilling yet for you, your staff, and your players. Being the best physical and mental performance coach for you is my goal!


• ELI Assessment and Debrief for Up to 5 People
• One 45- Minute Discovery Session
• Personalized Group Topics and Exercises
• Six 30-45 Minute Zoom or In-Person Sessions
• Worksheets and Additional Materials Between Sessions
• Access to Live Webinars
• One Video Practice Breakdown and Evaluation


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• ELI Assessment up to 8 Members (Pre and Post)
• Individualized Topics and actions
• One 45-minute Discovery session
• 12 30-45 minute Zoom or phone sessions
• Worksheets and Materials, and Additional Reading between Sessions
• Access to Live and Recorded Webinars
• Email or Text Response within 24 hrs
• Two Video or In-person Practice Breakdown
• Call For Specifics


We are Connected to Everything and Everyone
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